Hey gals!! Have I got a treat for you! May I introduce you to Carmen Schroeder! Her website, Mereas Of Grace, is a GOLD MINE for anyone looking to go deeper in their understanding of God’s Word by learning Biblical Hebrew and Torah. While we are all at home right now—many of us with a little more time on our hands than usual—take some time to check out the many mentoring opportunities Carmen offers women, including online one-on-one and small groups studies!!! Yay!! She also does in-home small group studies and can be booked for women’s ministry large events. She is the REAL DEAL and I’m always beyond blessed by her INSIGHT and WISDOM every time we have a conversation. So with no further ado, take a moment and get to know my BEAUTIFUL and SUPER SHINY friend and mentor, Carmen!

Carmen married her High School Sweetheart, Stacy in small town Americana in 1995. They have four incredible children: Caleb, Bethany (and her husband/bonus Son, Ryan), Kaitlyn and Kierstyn. They have two guard dogs, GSD’s Naxx and Bella, and one ferocious Pomeranian, Goliath.

Carmen has been teaching Biblical Hebrew and Torah in her home for close to twenty years gathered around in a circle of women – one of her favorite places to be! She is the founder of Mereas of Grace Torah Fellowship, a teaching and discipling ministry for women, couples and families.

An Oklahomie by birth, Carmen now resides in North Dallas after many years of transitions, both figuratively and geographically. She enjoys sharing The Living Word framed within its Jewish context so others may learn to ‘Taste, See and Agree’ with Yeshua, The Deliverer and Sustainer of LIFE.

She loves helping women UNCOVER their ‘Divine Fire’. The Divine Fire of Ezer Kenegdo is the exposition of Genesis 1-3, the Foundation that teaches women how The Creator defines and refines His people that they may walk within ‘The Boundaries of Delight’ once again in Yeshua, The Savior. Investigating the Biblical Text in its original languages, Carmen invites others on this journey teaching that to discover these Truths is to experience restoration and healing inside for the purpose of experiencing healing outside (that is, relationally and functioning by Divine Design).

Carmen ministers weekly to women one-on-one or in a group from her home OR from her desktop in an online format, as a ‘Mereas Mussar LIFE-Coach’. She has experienced both personally and witnessed in other lives within the circle, that ‘the smaller the circle, the greater the healing’.

One of Carmen’s greatest delights is to witness women Tasting, Seeing and Agreeing with the Keeper of The Vine and thus, ‘bearing much fruit’ in her daily living. You can find her breaking down these Hebrew Word Visions on her website, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and her Mereas of Grace Podcast. But, still, her favorite spot will always be looking another in the eye, answering to one another for ‘It is Written’ until all realize what it means to WALK IN LIBERTY AND UNITY of THE HOLY SPIRIT Who is Kindness and Truth.





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