I CANNOT WAIT for you to meet my adorable friend—who just happens to be my NEWEST “Yep, She’s Shiny!” FEATURE at LeeAnnKirkindoll.com. She is the Founder and Owner of Declutter With Me, a simplifying service that helps clients push the “reset” button on a busy life. Her joy is helping others learn how to strengthen relationships with PEOPLE instead of POSSESSIONS— by teaching them how to truly declutter their thoughts, hearts, and homes. She is part therapist, a bit of a drill sergeant, and the organizer you always dreamed you’d be!! But most importantly, she’s an empathetic partner to her clients— offering hands on help to put systems in place for daily routines, running a business, and even maintaining order in their family. How does she do all of this you ask?? Well, the answer to that question is part of what makes her so SHINY!! She uses her experience as an educator working with students who struggle with ADD to pinpoint the anxieties of individuals who slip into unorganized behaviors. So yes, she is not only shiny, she’s a “smarty pants”!! In addition to all of the practical help she offers, she also speaks publicly to groups sharing both applicable tips and Biblical encouragement. Sooooo please… let’s not waste one more minute!! Let me introduce one of my FAVORITES to you….Ms. Kappi Helms!!!

I grew up in Texas, both a small-town girl (I’m from Big Spring) and a city slicker (having moved to Carrollton). I have seen a little piece of everything—the cotton and oil industry, a Dad with a tractor dealership; a mom who ran a children’s boutique and had a showroom at the Dallas Apparel Mart. I graduated from the University of Texas at Austin with a degree in English and a minor in Education and I taught gifted high school students before staying home to raise my children. God blessed me with an amazing husband, Steve, and we will be married 20 years in October. We have 3 children: Holiday, 15 years, Kate, 13 years and our little Bennett, 7 years. We now balance the busy life of kid extracurriculars (all the sports), our own businesses and ministries (Steve is the President of the DFW Technology Prayer Breakfast, and I lead P.O.P., or Prayer on the Playground, a kid-centered prayer group I started at our elementary campus to sneak Jesus into public school and remind kids they are loved)…as well as care for our precious widowed mothers. I began Declutter With Me as an official business in 2017 in Frisco and surrounding cities. Now, heading into my 3rd year, I am decluttering homes from Fort Worth, to Highland Park and by way of FaceTime with virtual appointments in areas too far to travel. My most exciting venture so far has been speaking publicly for Declutter With Me. I have enjoyed sharing with moms and women’s groups, Bible Studies, church retreats, and business teams the how and why of decluttering, not just our homes, but our hearts and minds, as well.

What inspired me to get started?

I jokingly say that I began Declutter With Me because I had decluttered everything in my own house and I needed to keep going!

I am from the “More is More” generation. (Think big hair and shoulder pads) so I grew up learning to be a “well-planned hoarder,” which means I was good at stacking and packing my things into neat and tidy, and very intricate, systems of organization. I realized that I spent the majority of my time moving objects from one part of my house to the other. And if I wasn’t putting things away, I was making piles and stacks— effectively ignoring problem areas until I could no longer see or find what I needed. The kids would leave for school and my morning faded into late afternoon picking up, folding, finding objects and returning them to places I thought they belonged. I wondered why I never had time to do anything else. Why in the past two years had I never read the books on my nightstand? Why was I stressed about not having enough time or energy to make a meal for a sick friend or even invite her for coffee? Why did I feel like I worked all day but never really got anything done?

And then it happened. I saw Ephesians 5:15-17 as if for the first time: “See then that you walk circumspectly, not as fools, but as wise, redeeming the time, because the days are evil. Therefore, do not be unwise, but understand what the will of the Lord is.” (Emphasis mine.) What does it mean to walk circumspectly? Do I know what the Lord’s will is for me? Once I unpacked this verse, I better understood.  

I shifted the way I viewed my things. I stopped managing my stuff and simplified it. I went through my entire home and decluttered. My life was no longer defined by carrying objects from room to room in my house. I no longer wander aimlessly around a store seeking the bargain that might fit a space or fill a void. My nightstand books have been read. I have time to call on friends or welcome them into my home without a worry of having to clean up. My home is a haven. I am comforted there. My possessions no longer work against me. My time has been reclaimed, restored, redeemed. I have been set-free. I am free to build relationships with people, not things.

And that is why I started Declutter With Me—to help women get out from the overwhelm. To find the purpose God has for them, and then to walk circumspectly, taking mindful advantage of their time rather than squandering it.   I help them push the “reset” button on a cluttered life both mentally and physically. Sometimes, time with a client is simply listening to their story, helping them process the why behind their habits, and giving them permission to release their things. And then, we roll up our sleeves together, do the heavy lifting of sorting, decluttering and organizing and end up with something beautiful. Simple. Easy. Peaceful. A place that feels lighter and less overwhelming. (Don’t get me wrong, I may be knee deep in a dusty garage or a kitchen pantry, but my clients still hear Truth just the same!) I am thankful that my affinity for order and my God-given gift has allowed me to find and fulfill the purpose God has for me —and the people He has put in my life—AS WE REDEEM OUR TIME……TOGETHER.

If you are interested in knowing more about Kappi or how to take advantage of her services, you can contact her in the following ways

Kappi Helms
Owner of DeclutterWith.Me
972-768-1720 Call or Text





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