Shout out to all the Mommas!!! You are going to want to meet my newest feature on “Yep, She’s Shiny!” This mom of 3 hosts a fabulous parenting podcast called Pardon The Mess in connection with She is as enthusiastic as she is encouraging…and a powerhouse all on her own! But it doesn’t stop there! She and her team feature impactful content through her blogs AND dynamic guests on her podcasts—BOTH sharing tons of practical guidance that will bless and benefit your families!! So after you take a moment to read about her, be sure to follow the link provided to sign up for these fantastic resources! In fact, let’s not wait another second! Check out a new favorite of mine…Ms. Cynthia Yanof!

Cynthia Yanof is a former lawyer gone full-time blogger and podcaster for, a ministry of the Denison Forum. She is married to Mike and has three children, Kate (high school), Brett (middle school), and JB (preschool). The Lord has blessed their family through the adoption of their two-year-old son, JB, from foster care, demonstrating first hand his gracious provision for every single child he has created. The blessing their family has received from the addition of JB has been both humbling and life-altering.

Having grown up in a Christian home and raised to know the Lord in a personal way, Cynthia is passionate about making sure her kids don’t just know about God but truly know God. This influences every article written and podcast recorded. Cynthia, Janet Denison, and all the staff at Christian Parenting strive to walk the parenting road with their readers, encouraging each family to stay the course and find God’s perfect hand in the daily business of raising kids. In doing so, they attempt to keep it light, fun, judgment-free, and always biblical.

Cynthia has a sign in her office based on Esther 4:14 that says, “Perhaps this is the moment for which you have been created.” Esther’s entire creation purpose could arguably come down to one moment where she was called to faithful obedience to the Lord, even though her calling was uncomfortable and potentially dangerous. This sign is a daily inspiration to Cynthia because she believes her work at Christian Parenting is “perhaps the moment for which [she] was created.”

If you only knew one thing about Cynthia, she would want you to know that she’s right there with you in raising kids. She often tells the story of the time she was leading a prayer meeting for parents at her kids’ school while, unbeknownst to her, her first-grade son was flipping kids off in the school cafeteria. That’s the irony of parenting. Just when you think you are getting it right, your kids can humble you in one swift, lewd gesture.

Cynthia would love for you to subscribe to their parenting resources at, subscribe to their podcast Pardon the Mess, and follow them on their social media outlets. And if Cynthia or their staff at Christian Parenting can help you in any way as you walk the parenting road, please email her directly at

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