Hey there to all my SHINY FRIENDS!! I’m super excited to introduce a new friend to you! I found out about her through another friend’s podcast and FELL IN LOVE WITH HER!! She’s a GLOWING example of using the gifts and talents that God gives each of us to encourage The Kingdom and inspire others. (Not to mention, her Instagram posts are ABSOLUTELY STUNNING!!) My hope is that you will read this post and then literally stop and think: “Wow, I never thought about how my passions for ‘_______’ could be used to influence so many!” God has a beautiful plan to use everything He gave us in order to make HIS NAME FAMOUS!   So, get ready to get inspired!

May I introduce you to this precious gal…Jen Sherman!

Jen’s latest ventures began when her first child left for college 4 years ago. She could now see the inevitable empty nest approaching. With no full time job commitment outside the home, she took time to contemplate what the next phase of life could look like and began examining the gifts and talents God had given her. At the time, she was discipling one young woman and learning more of what that involved. Next thing you know, through much prayer and a few good books—as you’ll soon see—she felt the Lord reveal to her that she had been entrusted with a huge resource…TIME. He further impressed upon her that she would one day give an account of what she had done with this ‘time’ He had given her. That’s when discipling women and training others to do the same became a confirmed path for her future.


Along with this calling, Jen has established herself as the creative mind behind the growing bookstagram account, The Bookish Blonde. Jen started her account in 2017 shortly after the passing of her father, thinking it would be a good distraction and creative outlet. Her love of reading developed at a young age, through the influence of her father who read to her every day and took her to the library every week. That passion for books and reading has continued to blossom throughout her life. Jen had no idea when she started her bookstagram on a whim, that the account would grow to over 10k followers in a year and provide her a huge outlet to share books and promote reading! Through this account, as well as her blog, thebookishblonde.org, Jen encourages others to read and offers book suggestions as well as book reviews in a colorful and creative format. She also leads a monthly book club called The Bookish Bunch which has branched off into 2 other clubs.

Jen’s passion for discipling younger women, along with her passion for reading, have turned into a FULL TIME commission from the Lord. She truly believes this is a calling God has given her. And in the past few months, God has used her bookstagram account to open doors and give her opportunities to discuss discipleship. Jen currently meets with 5 young women to help them grow to maturity in their faith and in their walk with the Lord. She is also working on and developing training materials and a program to equip other women who are motivated to become disciple-makers.

Jen resides in Carrollton Texas with her husband and is a loving mom to two young adults, ages 22 and 18.




Blog: www.thebookishblonde.org


Instagram: _the_bookish_blonde_


Listen to her INTERVIEWED on the Aug. 8th Edition of Wonder – Prestonwood Women’s Ministry Podcast:

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